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The Importance of Professional Voiceover

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 5:07 PM

Companies often make the mistake of trying to save money in the production of their videos by recording their own voiceover narration. All the hard work undertaken to produce a quality video from the filming through editing can be ruined with a sub-standard voiceover. The mistake of having the sales director voice the commercial is commonplace. Put a script in front of a normal person and what you will get is a simple read with little or no inflection. In this blog post we make some recommendations for professional voice talent;


Did you know that high-quality produced video content will account for more than 1200% of social media shares than anything with just images and text? Your stories need to be visually rich and engaging to achieve this level of engagement.

A video that has boring content with poor imagery and audio won’t do well for your image or brand. The only way to ensure business success through he use of video is to invest in professional video production services that enlist the help of professional voice actors to deliver the scripts in a pleasant and clear manner.

Most small businesses don’t value the cost and feel it may be too expensive to go down this path. But when a video is produced correctly you will see a great return on your investment. According to over 50% of marketing professionals, it is a fact that this type of content has the best ROI. Just by using the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email marketing campaign will increase the open and click rate by over 20%. Imagine how videos using professional voiceover can boost your conversion rates.


You may be passionate about your company, product or service. But can you convey that emotion in a video? Professional voice actors know how to add emotion and inflection at the right time to build on the emotion of a video. The years of experience a professional voice talent brings is invaluable. 


The main idea of your video content is to keep the attention of the viewer. A voiceover professional will achieve this by creating a consistent tone and rhythm as well as adding persuasion and emphasis in the right places. Imagine, if a voice has an unusual accent or they mispronounce certain words this can detract from the intended message and the viewer’s attention is switched away to the voice behind the video instead.

Professional Opinion

We asked Monique Danielle, one of our professional voice actors, to provide us with her take on the question… 

Why should you hire a professional voiceover? 

1) For the technical benefits. Many professional VOs in Canada have their own carefully treated home studio so you don't have to hire an outside studio but you can still guarantee exceptional audio quality to match your video. 

2) For the communication benefits. Professional VOs are trained to connect with your message in a way that audiences respond to which leads to a higher return on investment. A professional will be able to take your ideas and make your message come to life or work with you in a directed session to hit exactly the right points you want your audience to take away. 

3) For the branding benefits. A professional VO is just that, professional. He or she will give your message and video proven expertise that makes you and your company look good. Professional VOs work at a standard that just can't be replicated by non-professionals so don't skimp out, the money you invest in hiring a professional voiceover will come back to you AND THEN SOME.

At A-Squared we only use the best voice talent around for obvious reasons. We want our videos to bring in the best results for our clients. For more information on how our professional video production services can work for you, contact Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 for a no obligation consultation.