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How to Attract New Audiences with Video Marketing

Thursday, September 24, 2020 9:49 PM

Recently, companies and brands have been investing heavily in video marketing with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness, engaging their customer base and attracting new ones. It’s astounding to think of the time we all spend online consuming video content these days. Statistics show that the majority of internet traffic comes from video content. Here is a selection of different types of video you can use to elevate your organization…


Behind the Scenes 

A perfect way to show your customers what makes you tick is to create a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video that illustrates the culture of your company. Employees can talk about their day-to-day life at work and how they feel valued. This can allow your audience to realize that you are just regular people just like they are. Videos of this nature help create an understanding of your belief system and values and at the same time humanize the business.

‘How To’ Videos 

A great way to increase your credibility is to create educational videos on a topic, service or product. These ‘how to’ videos are more commonly referred to as ‘explainer’ videos and can be a mix of live action footage and animation or just purely animated sequences with voiceover narration and a catchy tune. This visually engaging form of video marketing allows for more creativity and establishes a trust among your viewers.


With so many outlets to cover these days, a great way to introduce new content is through a video blog or ‘vlog’. This type of video is quite often produced in-house on a small budget and can be personal in its rough and ready approach. An interesting way to approach blogging is to hand over social media accounts to an employee for a day so they can share what their day is like or give opinions on a variety of topics. This makes for engaging content and your social followers will feel more connected to your brand.  


If you review your own product or service it doesn’t really instil much credibility to your brand. Instead, consider having trusted influencers offer their opinions and judgment. People are more likely to make a purchase or commit to your service if it has been recommended by someone they already trust.

User Testimonials      

Another method of a review type video is to create testimonials from people who are regular users of your service or make regular purchases of your products. If you want to gain the trust of a new audience, post video content that displays successful results and the ROI of your customer base. These cannot be faked because people will see right through it. They have to be genuine and you will gain the trust of a whole new following.

Go Live!

Live streaming video content is prevalent these days on all platforms that support any kind of video sharing. From YouTube to Facebook, the popularity of live videos help to make the viewer feel connected to the event and have an active involvement. People enjoy the experience of live video especially if you include an interactive component such as a live chat function or online poll. Take your next product launch to the live video stage and watch the engagements rise.

Full Circle

The rise in popularity of 360º video content comes as no surprise. It can be incredibly useful for the Real Estate industry as it can display the entire property both inside and out in fully immersive 360º HD video that the viewer can pan around in a VR experience. This can also be used to help the viewer explore anywhere from the comfort of their office or living room. VR headsets such as the Oculus Go can improve the viewing experience.


We have talked about how people love to feel connected with your brand many times in this blog. If they feel listened to or included, they are more likely to stay loyal. Try interacting with them through videos that offer Q&A sessions where you can address any questions submitted by your customers in the form of a video. You could also take it to the next level where a staff member could interview industry experts or even include regular customers to chat about their experiences. 

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